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About me

I’m a freelancer

I am a trusted butler:

born and raised in Florence. After scientific high school, I studied as a director and worked for many years in the video industry, and in the world of wine (Sommelier 1st Level).

Since I was little I have always had the inclination to take care of others first and then myself.

I have been working in the world of tourism for about 10 years: first I trained as a professional driver and later as a tour-leader, i m not a tour guide.
Thus entered to work in this beautiful world of “Tourism” where I have the opportunity to meet many people and travel with them in Tuscany and, virtually, throughout the world, because each customer is a universe apart.

It’s amazing how enriching is to meet new people, new cultures,  and that makes me happy!

I like to drive for my clients, show them my beautiful Tuscany, and I also try to find less crowded places.

I am always very attentive to the needs of my customers, both from a human and “tourist” point of view. It is a point of honor for me to satisfy their needs and make their holiday unforgettable.

I’m looking forward to working for you.
Discover Tuscany with your own private butler for your vacation!

“Imagine the figure of your vacation’s butler as the Conductor of an Orchestra, looking for the right harmony
Who knows how to conduct and give the right tempos to multiple voices and instruments!”

Ring the bell ..I'll be ready to serve yu!

In summary, the all-hands private service of butler, tour leader, concierge, and driver in Tuscany offers a seamless and personalized experience, allowing you to immerse yourself fully in the beauty, culture, and luxury of this remarkable region.


Address: Via Collina 11, 50026 San Casciano Val di Pesa, Firenze


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